Epicon is driving a revolution in technology by helping CIOs make sense of the enterprise IT turmoil. We’re building solutions that enable business to put solutions before tools, and evolve their organization rapidly and responsibly.

We’re enabling the new generation of CTOs to manage the incumbent IT tools clutter with a simple, versatile “push button” approach based on a single, dynamic view.

Our Data Centre Management Appliance (DCMA) kills IT complexity and lets the experts do what they're good at in a predictable, responsible IT solutions environment. It offers a single, standardized view of your data center, enabling your business to make fast technology responses to emerging corporate change.

As well as instant ROI and a reduction in operating costs of more than 30%, Epicon’s DCMA puts the efficiency into ITIL. We challenge the accepted IT delivery systems with a framework for standards automation that improves the IT bottom line and enables businesses to change responsibly.

We’re a young, dynamic business that’s challenging the status quo and making CTOs rethink the way they manage their IT.

We’re going to revolutionize the IT delivery industry and reduce its operational costs to free up resources for innovation and growth.

Talk to us to find out more about how we can help simplify the future of your enterprise IT.