quick deployment

Quick deployment
& time to value

With a track record of rapid deployments, our E-1X will guarantee a swift return on investment and immediate improvement to your environmental awareness and visibility.

Out of the box

With pre-defined integrations and workflows out of the box, E-1X can be quickly and seamlessly integrated into your environment and any existing tools to quickly gather and present meaningful data.

out of the box

Code-less low cost

Epicon’s integration platform provides an intuitive user interface to manage further integrations, so even non-technical teams can navigate and configure the technology with ease.


End to end integration – from operational IT metrics, to alternate data sources such as a HR system – the E-1X integration capability can join all disparate data sources to present a cohesive and complete enterprise management platform.

Everything integrated
Single Intelligence

Single intelligence
platform & dashboard

Leveraging the Epicon proprietary integration capability, data driven decision making has never been more achievable with full visibility across your entire IT enterprise.

Built in analytics
& automation

By reducing manual intervention, resource effort is made more efficient and errors are reduced. Automation will be configured to simplify the processes, which can vary from the automatic creation of tickets based on monitoring events, to automatic request fulfilment from the self-service catalogue.

built in analytics
Common user interface

Common user

Eliminate unnecessary technical data for an executive view, or drill down to the specific line of code, E-1X provides the friendly navigation required for stakeholders at all levels to get the required outcomes.


Epicon’s unique integration platform is the only capability in the world to introduce a level of abstraction between systems and integrations, allowing for non-disruptive migration and ‘swap in – swap out’ of applications and tools.

quick deployment

Why Epicon ?

  • We simplify IT
  • We provide full visibility
  • We improve decision making
  • We prevent critical failures
  • We reduce incidents and problems
  • We automate through integration
  • We make the impossible, possible

Our Commitment

Top Saving Measures

  • Rationalisation
  • Duplication
  • Automation
  • Integration

Top Technical Risks

  • Availability
  • Capacity
  • Performance
  • Assurance

Top ITSM Efficiencies

  • Automation
  • Simplification
  • Workflow
  • Integration

Top Dashboards

  • Executive
  • Business
  • Applications
  • IT Ops

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