Gain overall
The Epicon way to Understand

Gain an overall simplified view of your environment

Be presented with an integrated, cohesive and consistent user experience with a single view of the end to end IT environment while the complex service provider environment exists behind the scenes.

Easily Discover
The Epicon way to Control

Easily discover problems and provide quick remediation.

Optimise your IT environment easily and quickly by identify the high priority items that are or could impact the availability, reliability, user experience or performance of IT services.

Plan for future
The Epicon way to Transform

Plan for future cases and create process resolution.

Create iterative continuous improvement based on small steps and quick wins rather than a big bang approach. With our Integration Bus that provides a layer of abstraction, allowing for individual technologies, systems and or integrations to be modified, replaced or installed without impacting the remainder of the environment.

Head Start Process

Stage 1


Partnering closely with our customers, the ‘Plan’ stage is all about capturing requirements, understanding the target use case(s) and building an informed and tailored execution plan.

Stage 2


During the ‘Deploy’ stage, Epicon will implement the required tools and establish key integrations.

Stage 3


Collect data from the environment and key integrated systems, aggregating and visualising it through the centralised data repository.

Stage 4


Once a single united and integrated view has been established, identify the high priority items that could impact the availability, reliability, user experience or performance of IT services.

Stage 5


Finally, the ‘Recommend’ stage is about presenting the data analysis and plan to control environmental problems, enabling data driven decision making instead of relying on a subjective or arbitrary viewpoint.

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