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IT Integration

Epicon’s IT-specialised solution has a proven 100% success rate, and works at a fraction of the time and cost traditionally required. When you really need to get the job done, go for the product that was specifically developed for you.

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By finding the common denominators between disparate IT systems, we created the industry’s first-ever function-based adaptors. This eliminated the need for dedicated connectors for each IT system. Epicon’s function-based adaptors can connect any number of systems from any number of vendors, as long as they serve the same function.

World’s First
IT Management Integration Bus

We drew on our extensive IT experience to develop the world’s first integration bus completely dedicated to unifying IT management systems.

Enabling The Business By Integrating IT

Connecting specific tools is a technical detail, but connecting silos drives real business value. Integrating silos enables collaboration, reporting, and traceability across all domains in your organization.

Dashboards & Reporting
Log & Data Management
Cloud Services
Service Catalogue
IT Asset Management
IT Service Management
Configuration Management
Application Lifecycle
Mobility Solutions
IT Operations Management
Security Information & Event Management (SIEM)
Business Intelligence & Data Analytics

Operation With
Self-Healing Adaptors

No more worrying about integration failures and broken interfaces. Epicon’s Integration Health Monitoring automatically detects interface malfunctions and automatically fixes them.

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Integration Workflows

Focusing solely on IT, we set out to map common IT data workflows that define how data is processed by each system and how it’s relayed between them. We managed to develop IT-specific integration workflows, so you no longer have to tediously create them from scratch.

Fine-Tune With Epicon Studio

Easily pick a relevant workflow off the shelf and fine-tune it to your needs with Epicon Studio. Tailoring or creating workflows for operational IT scenarios takes just a few minutes using our intuitive drag-and-drop interface.

Service Asset
And Configuration
Management (SACM)

Maintain cross-organizational information about configuration items required to deliver IT service, including their relationships. Improve your planning and procurement process and recapture costs at mid-flight.

Requirement to
Deploy (R2D)

Ensure predictable, cost-effective, high quality results to the business while also promoting high levels of re-use, flexibility, speed, and collaboration across IT to support traditional and new methods for service creation and sourcing.

Request to
Fulfill (R2F)

Go beyond traditional IT service request management to consumption-driven engagement model. Connect various consumers (business users, IT practitioners, or end customers) with goods and services that they need to drive productivity and innovation.

Detect to
Correct (D2C)

Consolidate the work of IT operations integrating Service Monitoring, Event, Incident, Problem, Change Control, and Configuration Management, Service Remediation, and Service Level functions. Provide the business a comprehensive overview of the entire IT operation and the services delivered.

Integration (CI)

Enable development teams to integrate source code into a shared repository at closed intervals. Assure each check-in is verified by an automated build, allowing development teams to detect problems early.

Delivery (CD)

Makes it possible for development teams to continuously adapt software in line with user feedback, shifts in the market and changes to business strategy. Enable test, support, development and operations to work together as one delivery team to automate and streamline the build, test and release process.


Integrate all disparate data sources around the organization including both new and historical data to forecast future activity, behavior and trends. Apply statistical analysis, queries and automated machine learning algorithms to create predictive models.


Facilitate collaboration and communication of both software developers and information technology (IT) professionals by creating an integrated software development ecosystem to automate the process of software delivery and infrastructure changes.

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On Premises

Deploy Epicon on premises, with your own hardware or with ours.


Deploy in hybrid cloud mode, in-line with your security constraints.

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