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Epicon offers a suite of solutions that address the current and future challenges of IT professionals. Our solutions are offered completely out-of-box and delivered turn-key. Just pick what you like and we’ll do the rest. Utilising our exclusive Integration Bus along with customised tools and methodologies, we create an unprecedented IT solutions ecosystem.

Integrated Performance Management System

The Epicon Integrated Performance Management System (IPMS) delivers a vendor-agnostic monitoring and analytics platform that enables organizations to integrate internal and external monitoring tools, into a consolidated performance analytics solution. Epicon IPMS is powered by Epicon IT Integration Bus, enabling code-less integration of any monitoring tool, from any vendor, across the application delivery stack.

Vendor Agnostic

The Epicon Integrated Performance Management System is completely vendor agnostic. Use our tools or bring your own.

Cross-Domain APM

Get Application Performance Management across hybrid solutions including on-premise, IaaS, PaaS, and SaaS.

Built-In Analytics

Utilize data-driven operational analytics powered by Elastic framework.


Epicon DevOps solution includes both the DevOps methodology and the Continuous Delivery tools needed to implement it. Epicon Integration Bus creates an open and extensible DevOps platform with clear integration lines between all solution components. With an Everything As Code (EAC) approach, Epicon ensures that testing extends beyond the software development layer and into the underpinning infrastructure configuration and end-to-end deployment process.

Methodology Inside

We bring not only the tools needed for a great DevOps deployment, but also the methodology.

Everything As Code

We further enhance our DevOps solution with an Everything As Code (EAC) approach.

Inherent Monitoring

Configuration monitoring provides complete visibility of progress through the release pipeline.

Cloud Broker

The Epicon Cloud Broker solution is a holistic integration platform for cloud services, created as an abstraction layer between the cloud providers and the internal IT environment. Aggregating disparate cloud services through a consolidated abstraction layer allows the services to be normalised to work with existing service management, automation, and orchestration systems. This architecture provides immediate benefits to cloud management demands, such as automated deployment, unified billing, proactive capacity management, and monitoring and control.

Everything Integrated

We seamlessly integrate private, virtual private, and public cloud services with traditional on-premises solutions.

Common User Interface

No matter where your services are being fulfilled, we arrange your processes into one consistent interface.

Single Pane Of Glass

Oversee reporting, billing, management, and delivery on one unified environment.


Epicon Service Integration and Management (SIAM) reduces the complexity, cost, and risk of managing a multi-supplier IT environment. The solution delivers orchestration and control of multiple service providers by integrating their technical services into end-to-end business outcomes. Granular services are integrated through a standard integration layer, ensuring interoperability, transparency, governance, cross-functional coordination, and end-to-end service levels. A comprehensive suite of workflows and dashboards covering a range of SIAM processes are provided out-of-the-box.

SIAM Whitepaper

Seamless On/Off Boarding

Establish a scalable capability to support the successful on boarding and off boarding of service providers.

Multi-Supplier Integrations

Enable multiple service providers to integrate to deliver end-to-end services that meet the expectations of IT customers and consumers.

Full Visibility

Improve quality and best value for money for all IT services through visibility into key performance indicators.

The Risk Is On Us

We’re so confident our product will succeed that we don’t charge a dime unless it gets the job done. Our pricing is completely outcome-based, so there’s no risk on your part.

The Risk Is On Us

We’re so confident our product will succeed that we don’t charge a dime unless it gets the job done. Our pricing is completely outcome-based, so there’s no risk on your part.

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